8.8 Litre Water Urn

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This Black & Decker Urn is ideal for catering warm drinks at events. It has a stainless steel construction that makes it hardwearing, with an 8.8L capacity that's suitable for small to medium gatherings, which can be used to make approximately 50 cups or tea or coffee.

10 Litre Soup Kettle

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Add a range of winter warmers to your menu with the Sunnex Electric Soup Kettle. The stylish black kettle will fit seamlessly into your buffet or front-of-house countertop. It comes with an easy-access, double-handled lid and stainless steel ladle for mess-free dispensing and quick service. The kettle is designed to keep food warm and uses a stainless steel bain-marie insert with a wet heat to gently maintain food temperature without the risk of burning or drying out. The sizeable 10L capacity is excellent to hold soup, chili, curry, mulled wine, and much more.

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5.5 Litre Slow Cooker

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You can set and forget with this Sunbeam slow cooker. Cook at high heat or low heat, and if the cooking is ready but you're not, just switch to Keep Warm so it stays nice and hot without overcooking. When it's time to serve just remove the power cord and place straight on the table so everyone can help themselves. It's easy to clean up, just pop the lid and removable crock bowl straight in the dishwasher.