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Wine Glasses

Qty 120

$0.50 each

Champagne Flutes

Qty 60

$0.50 each

Water / Spirit Glasses

Qty 100

$0.50 each

Mason Jars

Qty 20

$1.00 each

Includes multi coloured straws

Champagne bucket.PNG
Water Jug.PNG
drink dispenser 3.5L.JPG

Old Fashioned Milkshake Glass

Qty 8

$1.50 each

Includes multi coloured straws

Champagne Bucket (ice bowl)

Qty 2

$5.00 each

Water Jug

Qty 5

$5.00 each

1.75 litre capacity

Small Drink Dispenser

Qty 2

$8.00 each

3.5 litre capacity

Drink dispenser 10L.JPG
Oceanfront Wedding

Large Drink Dispenser

Qty 4

$15.00 each

10 litre capacity

Bar Utensils

Qty 1

$12.00 each

Includes a stainless steel Boston cocktail shaker with glass, cocktail strainer, double jigger, ice tongs & cocktail spoon. 

111 Litre Esky

Qty 1

$15.00 each

This efficient, lightweight ice chest keeps ice frozen for up to ten days.