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Peacock Chairs

Handwoven by artisans in Indonesia, the Natural Rattan Peacock Armchair features oversized arm rests and a majestic high-rounded back that resembles the awe-inspiring peacock plumage.

Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in the Indonesian rain forest and is invaluable to the livelihoods of rural villagers in South East Asia. Lightweight yet durable, this natural and sustainable rattan armchair will bring a tropical, exotic vibe to any setting.

Comes with 1x round natural coloured gaddi seat cushion. 

Size: 118x67x150cm



Make your LOVE stand out at your party with the 70cm Marquee Light! 

Colour: Silver

Dimensions: Heigth 70cm (27.5") Width varies were letter. 
Composition: 80% Metal, 12% Plastic, 8% MDF 

• Please note this is for indoor use only

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This lovely easel is made from decorative metal and will comfortably cradle a large painting or mirror.  

Great for Weddings with scroll top decorative metal.

Dimensions: Height 1.53m x Width  56 cm x Depth 49 cm



Hand woven macrame in natural thread.

Dimensions: Wigth 1.2m x Height 70cm

Wishing well.jpg

Wishing Well

Timber wishing well, lockable with padlock and key.

Dimensions: Height 64cm x 35cm Width x 35cm Depth



Beautiful oriental rug, red, navy and grey.

Size: 3m x 2m.

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